Jackson Spousal Support Attorney

If you are struggling to understand or comply with the specific alimony provisions in your Tennessee divorce decree, you need the help of a spousal support attorney in Jackson TN. At Memphis Family Law, we understand how confusing alimony payments can be, both for the recipient and the payer.

How do you claim your alimony payments at tax time? Exactly how much are you being ordered to pay? When will your alimony term end? All of these questions — and more — can be answered by a Jackson spousal support lawyer. No matter the nature of your family law concern, our qualified staff of attorneys can help you achieve the outcome that you deserve.

How do I know that I need a spousal support attorney in Jackson TN?

Alimony is not a required part of every divorce; in fact, many couples do not encounter this provision during their marital dissolution. A Jackson spousal support lawyer knows that alimony payments are dependent upon individual circumstances.

For example, if one spouse lacks the independent resources to pay for the divorce in the first place, a court may order temporary alimony or interim support. Other types of alimony that can be sought with the assistance of a spousal support lawyer in Jackson TN include:

  • Periodic support designed to maintain a specific lifestyle
  • Rehabilitative support to help the non-moneyed spouse gain additional training and skills
  • Lump-sum support to make up for inequality in property division
  • Transitional alimony to support the non-moneyed spouse in the immediate aftermath of the divorce.

A Jackson spousal support attorney knows that every individual situation is different, so no two couples’ alimony needs will be the same. Our team of experts can help you obtain the alimony you need and deserve — or help prevent you from being taken for a ride by an overenthusiastic spouse.

When you need help with your alimony concerns, contact our spousal support attorney in Jackson TN. We can’t wait to help!