Memphis Divorce Lawyers

If there is a key to being “happy” after a divorce, it might lie in choosing the right team of Memphis divorce lawyers. With the right group of legal professionals by your side, you can protect your rights and secure your financial future, no matter how amicable or contentious the proceedings may be.

Divorce might be a sad, overwhelming experience, but your Memphis divorce attorneys can help smooth the transition, providing you with the resources you need to remain emotionally and physically strong after your breakup. Memphis Family Law does just that.

What is an amicable divorce?

Memphis divorce lawyers know that not every couple needs to pursue litigation in court. In fact, the number of litigious divorces is declining as more couples learn about collaborative options that are offered by many Memphis divorce attorneys.

  • Collaborative divorce methods include strategies designed to help couples work together instead of seeing each other as adversaries.
  • Even though collaborative methods may seem like a fad, a growing population of divorce lawyers in Memphis TN is promoting this communicative approach.
  • Not only is collaborative divorce less expensive — it can also be less time consuming and prevent the emotional trauma that often accompanies traditional divorce proceedings.
  • In collaborative situations, both parties work with their divorce attorneys in Memphis TN to negotiate property division, child support and child custody matters. The parties can still pursue litigation if they are not seeing results from the cooperative negotiation process, but collaboration generally allows couples to avoid such courtroom battles.

Despite the popularity of collaborative divorce, some couples still need traditional litigation-based methods, particularly if they have complex assets and other special needs.

Only you and your Memphis divorce lawyers can determine which method is right for you. Couples need to inquire about their divorce options; as laws and practices change, additional benefits may arise from non-traditional methods. Turn to the friendly staff at Memphis Family Law to help you make these crucial assessments.