Memphis Domestic Violence Attorney

No one should ever have to fear for their safety in their own home — but if you find yourself in that situation, a Memphis domestic violence attorney may be able to help.

Whether you need a temporary emergency restraining order, or you would like to pursue a long-term civil and criminal solution, a Memphis domestic violence lawyer can help. You do not have to live in fear any longer, thanks to the assistance of a domestic violence attorney in Memphis TN from Memphis Family Law.

What is domestic assault?

A Memphis domestic violence attorney knows that Tennessee law defines domestic violence as an assault that is perpetrated against:

  • A former or current spouse
  • Someone who lives with the alleged offender
  • A person with whom the alleged offender had a romantic or sexual relationship
  • A relative by blood or adoption

Other categories also exist, but those listed above tend to be the most vulnerable to domestic assault. Your Memphis domestic violence lawyer can pursue legal action against such an offender if the victim has suffered bodily injury, including that caused by an assault with a deadly weapon or through attempted strangulation.

Even if you think you have not been a victim of domestic violence, you may fit into a relevant category that allows you to pursue a protective order through a domestic violence lawyer in Memphis TN.

Reliable legal representation

Domestic assault can be addressed in both civil and criminal court. Civil actions against an alleged offender include restraining orders and orders of protection, which prevent the attacker from contacting or physically approaching the victim.

In addition, domestic violence allegations can lead to large fines and even felony convictions, depending on the nature of the violation. Your Memphis domestic violence attorney can help you keep your family safe by educating you about your legal options in the wake of a domestic assault.