Memphis Grandparent Visitation Attorney

Tense family relationships may lead to grandparents being cut out of their grandkids’ lives — but a Memphis grandparent visitation attorney can help. Contact Memphis Family Law if you feel like your rights are being violated.

Whether your adult children have simply decided to withhold contact because of a conflict, or you are facing difficulty because your adult child passed away or is incarcerated, a Memphis grandparent visitation lawyer may be able to assist.

You deserve to interact with your young relatives without the unfair interference of bitter family members. Elders who are heartbroken to lose contact with their grandchildren should consult a grandparent visitation attorney in Memphis TN.

What can a Memphis grandparent visitation attorney do for me?

Third party visitation is becoming an increasingly common legal topic. A Memphis grandparent visitation lawyer can help you understand your legal rights, allowing you to determine whether a courtroom intervention is appropriate for your case.

Furthermore, a grandparent visitation lawyer in Memphis TN can identify the unique aspects of your situation, helping you prevent your grandchildren from being caught in the middle of an ugly legal battle.

You may be entitled to grandparent visitation rights if:

  • Your adult child has died and his or her spouse is restricting contact
  • Your adult child is incarcerated or has had difficulty with parental rights
  • You have spent time raising your grandchild as a guardian
  • Your adult child divorces and an unfavorable custody agreement results

In too many cases, grandparents raise children for years, only to have the youngsters ripped from their lives when the parents reappear on the scene. Although your adult child does have legal rights, you also deserve contact with your young loved ones.

A Memphis grandparent visitation attorney can help you determine whether visitation would be considered “in the best interest of the child,” providing you with the legal standing to pursue the precious time with your grandchildren that you deserve. Let the professionals at Memphis Family Law go to work for you.